My First Step

Learn mistake from your first step to result in the best pit stop


At the age of 35, I’m wondering how I can start over my life with a beautiful journey without thinks what others wanted me to do on their mind.

Today I decided to do my first steps of blogging, a lot of my life journey is to enjoy and fun in sharing with people who have a lot of issues with loneliness or depression nowadays.

Let’s have a good start to share with what I most like to do when I’m entering the three series world. Travel is the one thing that makes me happy by seeing the beauty of the mountain, the blueness of seas, the art of the sky that you will thank god that you still breathe to enjoy.

I also start to learn how do I appreciate my life by looking at another lifestyle that lesser or same just like me in each country that I travel in the past year can still enjoy their life and happy on what they have. By traveling also made me realize that we cannot stay on the same sport to view the world and feel the same way as we watch the TV. 

to be continue since i have a commitment is calling now.. 

Leave your comment and lets start sharing your story with me.